When to Visit a Chiropractor

Hopefully, you have heard that chiropractic care has many benefits. Some of these benefits include natural relief of your pain and discomforts as well as difficulty walking. The pain relief you receive is not short-lived, like over-the-counter medications. Instead, chiropractic provides a combination of instant and long-lasting comfort.

When should you visit a chiropractor?

In short, it is good to see your chiropractor after any injuries, car accidents or having pains in general. Often people feel best when going in monthly for wellness care; however, at the very least, you should go in once per year for a wellness exam.

After car accidents, it is essential to go to a chiropractor and not just any chiropractor. You want a chiropractor certified in car accident care, make sure to ask if they are when you schedule. Many victims suffer from whiplash after a car accident, and it can be a severe injury. Therapeutic massages from a chiropractic office can provide some relief as well, and it is vital to help the musculature rebuild properly. As your corrections and healing occur, the chiropractor will monitor the progress. Based on your progress, the doctor will perform an adjustment to realign your spine when it is right. Even if you do not receive a diagnosis of whiplash specifically, there are still lots of injuries that occur that you will want to have treated.

Virtually every professional athletic team in the United States has a chiropractor as part of their health care team. This need for care extends all the way down from older athletes to young ones just starting. After a sports injury, the massage relaxes the muscles and reduces the pain. Chiropractic aligns the joints and re-educates the nervous system to aid in preventing later injuries and complications. Just because the pain goes away does not mean you are healed. All athletes should seek wellness care to perform their best but also care for an injury. Contact sports place a great deal of pressure and strain on the body, especially the spine.

Pregnant women sometimes believe that chiropractic care is dangerous. It isn’t, and there are many benefits to making it part of your prenatal care. Low back pain is common as your pregnancy progresses and can become a sciatic pain that feels like a lightning bolt shooting into your leg. Chiropractic can help to prevent these pains and eliminate them. With the hormonal changes, sometimes the fluctuations will bring back pains from your prior injuries. If those haven’t been taken of your chiropractor will address those pains as well.

The birth process is tough on a woman’s body, and the labor can lead to joint and spinal pains. Your body has gone through many changes to the musculature and joints to allow a safe birth. As your body re-adjusts, it is important to have everything return to a healthy state. Once your child is born, you should see your chiropractor, get adjusted, and make sure you heal correctly. Remember, you are not the only one who had a rough birth; make sure to bring in your cute baby to get adjusted as well. Remember, your chiropractor can change techniques to provide safe care to people of all ages.

Headaches are another frequent condition that individuals should see their chiropractor. Daily stress can cause headaches due to progressively tightening muscles. Poor posture during work can also cause muscle tightness. As your muscles clamp down, it places pressure on the joints, and your nerves start firing, indicating a problem. This process leads to a headache. Your chiropractor can provide a neck adjustment to realign the joints, relieve the pressure, and reduce the pain.

Unfortunately, many arthritis patients feel they will suffer for the rest of their lives. You do not have to be that way! Chiropractic care addresses your arthritis on a chemical front with nutrition and supplementation and a physical front with cold laser treatments and chiropractic adjustments. Supportive therapeutic massages help reduce chronic pain on an ongoing basis.

If your child is having growing pains, chronic earaches, or falling frequently, you should see your chiropractor. Chiropractic care is no longer thinking out of the box; it is a standard and researched approach. Adjustments are not all they can offer. Chiropractors have the highest quality nutrition for your child with multivitamins, probiotics, and even some shakes. They also check the spine to catch scoliosis early on.

Chronic stress is becoming more and more prevalent in our ever-changing world. Knowledge about all the contributing factors continues to grow. With the harsh political landscape, COVID-19 pandemic, reports of mas foreclosures, rising unemployment, and switch from active lifestyles to sedentary desk jobs all contribute. Severe stress can lead to panic attacks, snapping at family members for seemingly no reason, trouble sleeping, increased blood pressure, weight gain, and so many more things. A therapeutic massage has known to relax you. Proper supportive supplements help to restore the chemical balances to hit stress at the source. A chiropractic adjustment relieves the aggravated nerves and reduces the confusing messages to the brain. Stress attacks from multiple fronts and multi-front battles are precisely chiropractors’ specialty.

Chiropractic care takes a long-term approach to your health. Your pains occur over the years, slowly adding one piece of straw to the camel’s back at a time. Eventually, the camel’s legs start to buckle. We can treat and remove a few pieces, but without a long-term approach, ultimately, the camel’s back will break, and you have a severe injury. It may take time and many visits to correct your underlying issues and remove all that straw from the camel’s back. Then it is essential to continue with wellness care so as straw gets added, and you also remove it at the same rate.

In short, it isn’t that the chiropractor tells you to come back for life; most patients feel so great that they keep coming back to stay that way. Their insurance providers are starting to see the results and are increasingly recognizing and covering chiropractic. You can see chiropractic for any injury, or none at all, and get a wellness visit.

A wealth of knowledge and passion is brought with dual degrees in Naturopathic and Chiropractic. A proud family man, he is devoted to his wife and two children.