Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Pain at Hometown Chiropractic

Whether you have acute neck pains or long-term chronic neck pains, we want to answer your questions and inform you about your treatment options. TJ Phelps, DC at Hometown Chiropractic® will perform an examination to evaluate your neck, explain the findings, and answer your neck pain questions.

What Causes Neck pain?

In today’s world, neck pain is becoming more and more common. Neck pain is often due to poor posture, staring at digital devices, texting, or working at computers for extended periods. They could also be due to injuries such as strains, sprains, or whiplash. Some conditions may also be present such as a herniated disc or degenerative disk disease. By the way, our chiropractor is certified in motor vehicle collision occupant injuries by the Personal Injury Training Institute.

What Neck Pain Treatment Options Work Best for Healing Neck Injuries?

Chiropractic is well known for relieving pain due to neck injuries. There are also various treatment options depending on the damage, condition, and cause of your distress. Chiropractic can help correct the subluxations with manual therapy and massage therapy to relax the muscles. Additionally, you have decompression therapy, which can help with degenerative joint disease and disc herniations. Sports injury, car accident injury, and repetitive motion injury often respond well to cold laser therapy in combination with the others. Hometown Chiropractic can create a completely individualized treatment program to address your short and long-term health and wellness goals with multiple options.

Can You Help If Text Neck Is The Cause of My Injury?

If you have pains due to text neck, a posture screening in addition to chiropractic, rehabilitative exercises, and massage therapy will be beneficial. The chiropractic adjustment will get the joints working correctly with massage therapy to relax the muscles and allow the body to function well. The rehabilitative exercises will get the muscles properly strengthened and firing in the proper order.

How Long Will It Take Before I Find Neck Pain Relief?

With chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, many of our patients find relief after the first visit. Time for relief varies on the person, type of injury, length of time they have had the damage, and severity.

How Do I Schedule an Initial Consultation and Exam with Your Chiropractor in Salem, UT?

To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at Hometown Chiropractic®, call us at 801-504-6370. Add us on Facebook to find any promotions and discounts.

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