Will my insurance go up?

If it is determined that the accident is not your fault, your insurance will not go up. There are laws in Utah that prevent insurance from raising your rates.

Who Pays For My Medical Bills?

In Utah, you have personal injury protection (PIP) of $3,000 to get evaluated and treated. If your bills are over this amount, and you are not at fault, then the other individual’s insurance will cover your bills. Also, if it is a larger case, many providers will work off a lien, so you do not have to pay any money, and they will collect once the other person’s insurance has given settlement money.

Do I Have A Good Case?

There are basically two factors to know if you have a good case.

  1. Are your medical bills over the $3,000 PIP?
  2. You are not at fault.

How can I support my family?

If your injuries are severe and you cannot work or do home chores, PIP can provide money to help. PIP can provide payments up to $250 per week for up to a year to help replace lost income. It can also provide $20 per day for household services.

Do I need an attorney?

Yes, we recommend you contact an attorney for all auto collisions. The free consultation will help determine if you will need their services. They will also deal with the insurance companies and streamline everything so you can focus on getting healthy. Many only collect money if you go above $3,000 and once you win your settlement. 

Post – accident checklist

Call 9-1-1

If there is any back or neck pain, don’t move the individual.

Call the police

                Record the officer’s names and badge numbers

                Name:  ____________________________________

                Badge:  ____________________________________

                Name:  ____________________________________

                Badge:  ____________________________________

Take photos of injuries, vehilce & scene

Obtain other vehicles information

                Insurance Carrier:  ___________________________

                Insurance Policy #:  __________________________

                Name:  _____________________________________

                Address:  ___________________________________

                Phone:  ____________________________________

                Passenger names:  ___________________________

                Vehicle make:  ______________________________

                Vehicle model: ______________________________

                Vehicle year:  _______________________________

                Vehicle color:  _______________________________

                License Plate:  _______________________________

Call Hometown Chiropractic

Call (801) – 504 – 6370

Whether you feel fine or not you need an exam to evaluate your state. Adrenaline can hide many of the symptoms. Symptoms can take days and weeks to show.

Call an auto accident attorney

Springville, UT – Sean Nobmann PC 855-884-3466, Spanish speaking available

Spanish Fork, UT –The Schriever Law Firm, 801-574-0883

Provo, UT – Jeff Mettler – (801) 610 – 4122, Spanish speaking available

South Jordan, UT – Larson Law – 801-601-8323

Salt Lake City, UT – The Advocates – 801-363-9982, Spanish speaking available

Obtain case # from insurance

Keep a copy of all documents & bills 

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