5 Reasons to Take Your Child to the Chiropractor

If you are a parent like me, you don’t want to see your children in pain. Unfortunately, it still happens from time to time, and they will get headaches, suffer from allergies, earaches, and back pain.  The list seems endless and sometimes overwhelming.  Children are like magnets to injuries, pain, and illness, and fortunately, most are minor. Care is often needed, but the question is, where should I turn for care? I would suggest that you should head to your local Chiropractor instead of heading to your primary care physician for some of your child’s concerns. Why do I say that?

1 – It Is Safe

Chiropractic is a natural and holistic approach, and for those two reasons, it is inherently on the safer side. If your child has pains or discomfort and you take them to their primary care physician, they are likely to suggest an over-the-counter pain reliever or prescription medication. While this may work, often the pain returns. Why does that happen? It only masks the problem. Yes, some forms of pain and discomfort disappear on their own with time and home care, but there is often an underlying issue that caused the severe presentation.  You will not know unless your Chiropractor has the chance to look for the cause and treat it. Their job is to treat pain by going directly to the source of the problem.

Chiropractic can be hands-on, but many instruments will be available, all of which can be adjusted to accommodate adults down to a recently born infant. We use a hands-on and natural approach that does not use medication prescriptions. Because of this, you do not have the same risk as with medications.

2 – Health Insurance covers most Treatment

I think everyone can agree that raising kids is expensive. Just looking at the standard medical care causes the costs to soar much less if they need anything extra.  Fortunately, many insurance providers have coverage covering some of that medical care, which extends to chiropractic. Some insurance will offer discounts for an in-network chiropractor, but care can be available anywhere insurance is accepted.

It is no secret that raising kids is expensive.  Add in the cost of medical care, and the overall cost soars.  Luckily, many insurance providers extend coverage for chiropractic care.  Some will offer discounts for opting for an in-network provider, but you can seek care anywhere your insurance is accepted.

If your family is not covered by medical insurance, you will still want care. Often your chiropractic care monthly for the entire year will be less than two or three visits to their pediatrician.

3 – They Treat a Wide Range of Problems

Many mistakenly believe that chiropractors only treat problems with the spine, back, and neck. While that is their specialty, they offer much more. For example, did you know that chiropractors treat and lessen the onset of earaches and ear infections? Well, they can and do.  Did you know many ear infections are due to blocked pathways that allow the ear to drain? A chiropractic adjustment and therapeutic massage could open those pathways and allow the proper drainage of the ear. If your child has been experiencing chronic earaches, you may want to consider scheduling with your Chiropractor.

4 – It Is Easy to Find a Chiropractor

Ask your friends which Chiropractor they prefer. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you can do a Google search for chiropractors in the area. Keep your eyes open; you have likely driven past one each day on your way to work or the kid’s school. Please pay attention to reviews and make sure they have plenty of reviews and positive ones. Call and schedule an appointment for your child; it is super easy. You are there anyway; you should probably be seen and treated as well.

5 – The Benefits

While there are many, let us summarize what we have already mentioned. There are no medications, so you do not have to worry about side effects or interactions with other medicines. It is both natural and safe. It gets to the root cause to have a long-lasting impact and does not mask the pain. It is often cheap compared to the cost of frequent medical visits. As your child climbs, bumps into things, and falls, his chiropractic care will reduce the pain and increase their mobility. That means more fun and less of those heart-breaking tears.  Last but not least, there are many benefits to chiropractic care.  As previously stated, there will be no prescriptions for medications.  Treatment is natural and safe.  It is also long-lasting, as chiropractors do not mask the pain; they treat it.  As a parent, this should be very important.  Successful chiropractic care can allow your child to return to their happy, usual self.  Reduced pain and increased mobility mean more fun and less suffering.

A wealth of knowledge and passion is brought with dual degrees in Naturopathic and Chiropractic. A proud family man, he is devoted to his wife and two children.